The Google Feed Has A Rounded Search Bar In Testing

The Google feed has a rounded search bar in testing at the moment according to some users have been posting about it on Reddit. Over on the Android subreddit one user has uploaded a screenshot of what the new search bar looks like, and although it may not appeal to all users the design certainly makes sense as it matches the design of the cards in the same feed, which also have had rounded corners for months for most users.

This doesn’t appear to be showing up for all users at the moment which is what suggests this is a test before Google starts rolling it out to everyone but it is said to be a wider rollout as more and more users are reporting on getting it, and it is almost certain to have an even wider rollout given that Google is pretty keen on making its designs very similar and streamlined. In this particular case, making the Google Search bar look more like the search widget by having it appear more like the cards in the feed, which makes it stand out more thanks to the white background giving it an appearance that it’s lifted off the page.

The current design has the search bar sort of blend into the background. The only thing that tells you there is a search bar there is a line separator and the words “search on Google” coming after the G logo. While this is apparent to many users, it’s certainly less simplified and making it stand out more could make it easier to notice for a majority of users, especially those who may not be as savvy with their tech devices as others. With this being just a test at the moment with a smaller number of users having access to the new look, it’s unclear how long it may take before Google decides to either make the test larger and roll it out to more users or roll it out to all users as part of a permanent change. Whatever the case may be, users will want to keep an eye out for this change as it could be popping up on their devices soon.

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