The MOXO Sensor Is A Wearable Capable Of Emotional Profiling

A wearable created by mPath has been designed to profile wearer’s emotions. Extracting data which can then be used by companies for a variety of different marketing reasons, as well as other agencies and organizations to provide better services. The wearable is called the MOXO sensor and the way it works is that it is worn on the wrist and measures skin conductance changes, which in turn are understood to help determine states of arousal.

It seems at the moment, the sensor is incapable of determining exact emotions, but what it can do is pinpoint moments in which a wearer is aroused (positively or negatively) by something, or whether they are disinterested with something. However, the sensor on its own is only able to record those high or low responses and is not able to relay that information accurately to those who would like to know. So the technology has been used in conjunction with both eye-tracking glasses and GoPro cameras. When used together, not only are the spikes or dips able to be recorded, but what the wearer is looking at when those spikes or dips occur, can also be pinpointed. Resulting in data which then can be used to specifically determine what visual stimuli prompted what response.

Now the technology itself is not new as the company has been testing this out under various circumstances over the past couple of years, and have reportedly worked with various companies, groups, and organizations – including Best Buy and Google. Likewise, the idea is not novel as Psychologists for some time have been using eye-tracking technology to identify reactions and where consumers tend to look more – whether on a screen, in-store, or anywhere else. That said, how this solution could prove useful is in its scope. As not only does the MOXO sensor seem to be a more accurate measurement of emotion states, but it is also a more portable device. Which has proven evident as the team behind the sensor has already started using it in different off-site locations, such as schools to measure levels of boredom within students and how to decrease those levels accordingly. As well as testing the technology in people’s homes on behalf of a toothpaste company to help identify how people can become more engaged when brushing their teeth.

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