Top 10 Best Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers – September 2018

Since Amazon announced Alexa about four years ago, in the original Echo, the world of voice assistants has definitely changed. Amazon was the first to put a voice assistant into a speaker. Before that, Google had Google Now, and Apple had Siri, which were both built into smartphones, but not into other products like speakers. Alexa changed that. And now you have the Google Home, HomePod and more. Amazon Alexa is not the best voice assistant – depending on what you want to do with your assistant – but it is still a really good assistant to use. Amazon Alexa is more aimed at controlling your smart home and being a smart home hub. But it can also do things like ordering pizza, finding you something to watch on TV and more.

One of our favorite Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers on this list is the Sonos Beam. That is because it is a sound bar that also has Amazon Alexa built-in. This is going to allow you to control your TV and other things using your voice. The Beam is able to control your TV using Alexa because it uses HDMI-ARC, instead of a normal HDMI cable. So you can ask Alexa to turn on your TV, or ask her to find something to watch on Netflix. Now to mention the fact that the Sonos Beam does also have some really great audio. Though that was expected, since this is a Sonos speaker.

All of the Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers below are really good options. These range from pretty cheap options around $30, all the way up to around $399 on the Sonos Beam. So there is definitely something there for everyone. Whether you want a speaker that can play music, or something that can also be a sound bar and bring better audio to your TV.

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