Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2016 – 2017, Gifts For Everyone!

Welcome to the Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2016 – 2017 , The Holiday Season is right around the corner, and many people are already looking for what they should pick up for everyone on their list this year. It can definitely be a daunting task. Here at Android Headlines we have put together some rather impressive gift guides that will help you pick the perfect gift for everyone. Ranging from smartphones, to tablets, to smartwatches, to Android TV, to robot vacuums and everything in between, you’re bound to find something for everyone on your list. To help you find the right gift for everyone, check out all of our gift guides below. Android Smartphones, Tablets and Accessories sony-xperia-x-performance-02 Smartphones can really be a great gift idea this year, and now you don’t have to spend as much as you probably would have in recent years. There are a slew of great smartphones that are available for under $300, as well as plenty of tablets to choose from. Not to mention cases, screen protectors and other accessories to choose from for this holiday season. These are all necessary, because you don’t want that person to damage the device you just bought them, which can happen pretty quickly. Top 10 Best Smartphones Top 10 Best Smartphones Under $300 Top 10 India Smartphones Top 10 Chinese Smartphones Top 10 Best Smartphone Accessories Top 10 Best Smartphone Cases Top 10 Best Smartphone Screen Protectors Top 10 Best Battery Packs / Power Banks Top 10 Best SD Cards Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks Top 10 Best Android Tablets Wearables fitbit-flex-2-amazon The wearable scene has been quite interesting in 2016. Many thought that smartwatches would take off, but it’s fitness trackers that are actually taking off. Both of which would make great gift ideas this holiday season, with the slew of new wearables that have come out this year like the Fitbit Charge 2, Alta, Blaze, Michael Kors Access Android Wear Smartwatches and so much more. Top 10 Best Smartwatches Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers Speakers & Headphones ath-s700bt-amazon If there’s one gift that everyone loves to receive, it’s a new pair of headphones or a new speaker. Seeing as everyone loves to listen to music, or have a great pair of cans to watch their favorite movie with. There are all kinds of speakers and headphones at many different price points here, allowing you to get the perfect one to fit your budget as well as what the person on your list may want. Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers over $100 Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Top 10 Best Headphones Under $100 Top 10 Best Headphones Over $100 Top 10 Best Sound Bars Top 10 Best Home Bluetooth Systems Chromebooks & Laptops acer-chromebook-r-13 While smartphones and tablets have, for the most part, replaced our traditional PC’s, there are still many people who use and need to use a traditional PC everyday. So we’ve gathered up the best Chromebooks and Laptops for this holiday season, some of them are pretty amazing, and definitely worth picking up for someone this holiday season. Top 10 Best Google Chromebooks Top 10 Best Laptops Under $500 Top 10 Best Laptops Under $1000 Top 10 Best Laptops Under $2000 Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Top 10 Best Laptop Speakers Top 10 Best Laptop Mice Top 10 Best Laptop Bags The Best Gifts Under…. amazon-echo-dot Looking to stay in a specific price range this holiday season? Don’t worry, we still have you covered. We’ve rounded up the best gifts under $30, $50, $100, and $250. And in these four gift guides, you are bound to find something great to pick up for just about everyone on your list. From TV’s, to tablets to even an Echo Dot. Top 10 Best Gifts Under $30 Top 10 Best Gifts Under $50 Top 10 Best Gifts Under $100 Top 10 Best Gifts Under $250 Home Automation kwikset-kevo Home Automation has continued to become a bigger and bigger topic in the past year. With more and more products coming out and they are getting even cheaper now. There are all types of products available out there, from smart lights, to smart outlets to smart microwaves and just about everything in between. Top 10 Best Home Automation Products Top 10 Best Smart Door Locks & Doorbells Top 10 Best AI Products Top 10 Best Smart Home Security Gadgets Gaming & VR sony-playstation-vr Both Gaming and Virtual reality have become a pretty big sector of the tech industry as of late – virtual reality more than gaming. A couple of new virtual reality headsets launched this year, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and even the Gear VR for those with a Samsung handset. Not to mention that gaming on PCs and even consoles are still very popular, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One getting even more popular in 2016. Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Top 10 Best Gaming PCs Top 10 Best Android Gaming Accessories Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Accessories Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Bundles Top 10 Best Xbox One Accessories Top 10 Best Xbox One Bundles Top 10 Best VR Headsets TV’s sharp-lc-80ue30u-80-inch-tv Do you want a curved TV, a Smart TV or an Android TV? We’ve got them all. Android TV still isn’t as popular as Google had hoped, but there’s really no shortage when it comes to options for Android TV. There are also a slew of other TV’s available, some with 1080p resolutions and others with a 4K resolution, which looks absolutely stunning. Top 10 Best TV’s Under $500 Top 10 Best TV’s Under $1000 Top 10 Best TV’s Over $1000 Top 10 Best Android TV Sets Top 10 Best Android TV & Streaming Devices Cameras nikon-d5500-amazon While our smartphones can take some pretty impressive pictures these days, many people still opt for having a dedicated camera. This is because these cameras do well in just about every situation, whereas smartphone cameras really don’t – but they are getting better everyday. There are many different kinds of cameras too, including mirrorless and DSLR’s, and here are some of the best for 2016. Top 10 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $500 Top 10 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $1000 Top 10 DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Under $500 Top 10 DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Under $1000 Top 10 DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Under $2500 Top 10 Best DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Lenses Top 10 Best Camera Accessories Drones DJI Phantom 3 Advanced There are all types of drones out there. Some are pretty cheap, some are not so cheap. Of course the ones that aren’t so cheap are usually bigger, and also have nicer cameras attached. This allows you to get some pretty amazing aerials while you’re at it. The DJI Phantom 4 is of course the most popular drone and that’s due to how easy it is to fly the drone and how good the camera really is, but there are plenty of others out there too. Top 10 Best Drones Under $100 Top 10 Best Drones Under $250 Top 10 Best Drones Under $1500 Miscellaneous iRobot Roomba 880 Coming down the final stretch of gift guides for 2016, we have a few pretty interesting ones in the miscellaneous section. This includes gifts for him and her, as well as Apple products and robot vacuums. Now robot vacuums are probably the most popular out of these four, seeing as everyone wants one. Especially if a pet lives in the house, the best vacuum for pet hair is not a automatic robotic one, however, with the steady incline of this market, we can expect some soon. Let’s face it, no one really wants to vacuum their house or apartment, right? That’s where these robot vacuums come in. 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