Verizon Wireless Experiencing Major Outage In The US

In short: Verizon Wireless seems to be currently suffering from a fairly major service outage in the US. At present, firm details on why the outage is occurring, who exactly is affected, and how long they are likely to be affected for remain unknown. Although in addition to the user reports of service disruptions that have been surfacing, Verizon has confirmed the existence of service issues in select markets.

Background: Earlier today reports started to come through of users experience a service outage on Verizon’s network. Since then the outage seems to have increased in impact with more areas seemingly affected. At present, there are reports of an outage in Atlanta, Austin, Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston, New York, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Tampa, and Washington. This is not the full extent to the reports or a complete list of affected areas, but areas that currently seem to be more affected than others. Since the first noting of the issue, Verizon has sent out a tweet stating it’s aware of “an intermittent voice, text and data services interruption” and that it’s currently in the process of addressing the issue. The tweet at the time suggested the disruption only affects “some markets in the south.”

Impact: At present it remains unclear how much of an issue this currently is. It also remains unknown how long the issue is expected to go on for although since the company’s original tweet was sent out it does seem as though the issue has become more of a widespread problem than what was originally suggested by Verizon. Likewise, for those who are affected, this is not only impacting on their ability to make calls, but also send texts and use data. Essentially, all aspects of their network connection are being impacted. In spite of the limited information coming from Verizon on this, the company is responding to user’s comments on Twitter and providing advice where needed. Therefore customers who believe they might be affected by the outage, or those just wanting to stay up to date on how the disruption develops, should head over to the company’s customer service Twitter account for the latest information.

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