Video: OPPO Find X 60-Day Review – The Future is Here

When you look at the OPPO Find X, it’s hard to believe other manufacturers have seemingly had such a hard time getting bezel size down without adding a notch. Over the last year we’ve seen a significant effort put into removing bezels completely, and the OPPO Find X feels like the ultimate evolution of the bezel-less form factor. The curved display looks and feels very much like a Galaxy S8 or S9, but that’s about where the similarities to other flagships end. This is the first phone we’ve reviewed that feels truly bezel-less all around, and while the chin is indeed slightly larger than the other bezels, you really need to study its size to notice this, and it’s something that ends up melting away the more you use the device.

Having curved sides only furthers the feeling of immersion, and it’s pretty amazing to think that we’re basically just holding a giant screen at this point in time, giving an incredible view into your favorite content. Looking at the phone you’d never know this was a massive 6.4-inch display, as the combination of a bezel-less design and curved sides reduce the physical footprint of the phone significantly. This is 1mm shorter and 3mm narrower than the recently announced iPhone XS Max, and while it is almost 2mm thicker, it’s a much more important 22 grams lighter. That’s about the weight of a mouse in case you were wondering.

The screen is .1 inches smaller than that largest iPhone, but there’s something significantly important here that makes the usable portion of the screen quite a bit larger: no notch. At the same 19.5:9 aspect ratio without a notch, content can properly stretch all the way across the screen without getting cut off, and there’s no goofy UI design to try to work around this ugly hardware decision either. Instead, it’s all screen with no intrusions, and to a lesser extent, this applies to other Android phones like the Galaxy Note 9 as well. Same size screen but physically smaller, measuring in at 5mm shorter than the Note 9 and 2mm narrower, all while weighing 15 grams lighter too. Check out the video review below to hear all about it, and don’t forget to subscribe to us to get notified of every review as it drops!

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